Diabinnov has well-equipped facilities, surgical, scientific and technical specialists with the expertise to get your product through a comprehensive metabolic medical device testing program.

Our aim is to accompany our partners all along the process, from the very beginning of the prototype phase, to overcome the regulatory requirements, run verification and usability tests in fully equipped operation rooms with translational large animal minipig model.

Diabinnov gives support to establish the best approach to run proof of concept in-vivo studies of new metabolic devices. 
Diabinnov provides the best experts in each area (human or veterinary medicine surgeons) to support with the implantation or placement procedure.

Our comprehensive solutions include:


  • Preclinical development
  • Proof of concept
  • Validating prototypes
  • Product testing

Verification tests

  • In-vivo studies
  • Mining model
  • Efficacy/security

Usability tests 

  • Usability test in real surgical environment with in-vivo large animal models
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