Relevant preclinical models for efficacy studies of new drugs

Innovative medical devices targeting diabetes and metabolic diseases

About us

DiabInnov is a research platform focused on innovative strategies for the treatment of metabolic disorders and their comorbidities to provide significant advance in patient care. 

Our mission is to place fundamental, preclinical and clinical research in metabolism at the service of life science companies, and academia. We enable discovering of new pharmacological targets, testing novel compounds in innovant preclinical models, and accelerating safety and efficacy testing of innovative medical devices.

DiabInnov promotes dialogue between pharmaceutical companies and innovative medical devices manufacturers on one side and scientists, researchers and surgeons and the other. This biomedical gateway to biotechnological innovation facilitates the obtaining of patents, the acceleration of CE marking, the implementation of new surgical approaches and  a know-how of excellence.



Mechanistic studies

β-cell and α-cell function and dynamic hormone secretion

Islet cell viability and apoptosis and pancreatic histopathological evaluation

Human pancreatic islet transplantation and function evaluation in vivo

Adaptative β-cell proliferation in vivo and metabolic evaluation

Effect of Drug on pancreatic endocrine function in vivo and in vitro

Diabetes progression

Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Obesity

Medical Devices development

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