Using our human pancreatic islet cohort of from lean, obese and T2D subjects we offer:

  • Target and Untarget gene expression: qPCR, Digital PCR
  • Protein expression: Western Blot, Immunoflourescence and Immunochemical studies
  • Cell composition and arrangement, morphology analysis: immunoistochemistry, immunofluorescence and confocal imaging

Using human islets isolated by our team of experts we perform:

  • In vitro tailored mechanist and intracellular signaling studies
  • Human islet function assessment by glucose-stimulated dynamic hormone secretion: perifusion
  • In vitro drug function and toxicity testing
  • siRNA gene silencing to study a specific gene loss-of-function

Using the human islet transplantation in immunodeficient mice (QIVIPA) we offer:

  • Evaluation of human graft function in vivo
  • Assessement of human graft vascularisation and innervation: 3D iDisco technique
  • Assessement of human graft response or adaptation to drug treatment in vivo
  • Metabolic profiling of the oral glucose challenge or standardized meal test in vivo
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