Superior quality services from in vitro to in vivo physiological experimental studies


Together with our partners in academia and industry, DiabInnov advances our understanding of healthy and diseased human biology. Our mission is to create a healthier society by enabling life science to invent novel compounds in a safer and efficient  way. As the pioneer translational research for diabetes and metabolic diseases DiabInnov provides solutions that help academia and pharmaceutical companies accelerate safety and efficacy testing, and bring better drugs to market.



To predict the human response to therapies that will improve the lives of patients worldwide.

DiabInnov offers a wide range of high quality and highly relevant experimental models that are tailored to your needs. We adapt to your objectives with critical approach and in an efficient and fast way.

We accelerate the development and transfer to clinical applications of your new molecules and innovative medical devices for the treatment of metabolic diseases.

Our scientists are recognized worldwide for their expertise in in-depth investigation of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the progression of metabolic diseases

Translational and multidisciplinary research team

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